IPS: New battery technology achieves record energy density

By: Steve Tuesday October 23, 2012 0 comments Tags: Dr. Bernd Neudecker, High Energy Cell, Littleton

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LITTLETON - Infinite Power Solutions Inc. announced the development of a new, all-solid-state rechargeable battery technology with low manufacturing costs and record energy density.

The High Energy Cell (HEC) technology features a 4-V rechargeable chemistry that delivers high power, an ultra-low self-discharge rate and long life for permanent battery implementations, IPS said.

The ceramic-based HEC technology uses only low-cost, high-throughput, non-vacuum manufacturing processes, which is fundamentally different from the solid-state, thin-film batteries currently produced by IPS.

The new HEC technology offers much higher cell capacity than existing thin-film technology, yet remains inherently safe and eco-friendly, IPS said.

The new technology offers a fully-packaged volumetric energy density of greater than 1,000Wh/l, which is unprecedented for a 4-V rechargeable chemistry, especially when packed in form factors that are smaller and thinner than today's coin cells, IPS said.

"Our new 4-V, solid-state, rechargeable HEC battery technology is truly unique in the battery industry and offers industry-leading energy density and performance," said Dr. Bernd Neudecker, IPS's CTO and inventor of the new technology.

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