Logimesh receives award for "Best Technology Development of Energy Harvesting"

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Logimesh logoFORT COLLINS - Logimesh Technologies received the "Best Technology Development of Energy Harvesting" award at the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage USA conference in Washington, D.C.

Logimesh is a startup focused on developing an intelligent wireless sensor system for the oil-and-gas industry.

The IDTechEx conference is the world's largest conference presenting the latest developments in energy harvesting, a process of capturing and storing energy to operate autonomous devices like wearable electronics and wireless sensor networks.

Logimesh is a client of Rocky Mountain Innosphere, a Fort Collins-based startup incubator.

Logimesh award
"We're very excited to have Logimesh as an Innosphere client," said Doug Johnson, RMI's vice president of capital access. "Not only is their company very driven to keep high-tech jobs here in Colorado, but their technology even beat out Intel and GE last week when they were nationally recognized."

"For Logimesh to walk out winning this award gives significant validation to their technology," said Mike Freeman, RMI CEO. "Their engineered solution for intelligent remote monitoring is what the market needs and values."

Logimesh is focused on the development of an intelligent wireless platform that will provide a Big Data predictive analytic solution for the oil-and-gas industry to remotely monitor the status of engines and compressors.

The sensors are projected to save companies millions by preventing field malfunctions that result in lost revenue.

"The real-time measurement and constant flow of smart data is what makes the technology so valuable," said Bill Gillette, Logimesh's founder and CEO.

"The predictive nature of the data makes the information actionable, potentially saving companies millions of dollars of unplanned maintenance costs and lost production revenue.

For more information, visit www.logimesh.com or www.rmi2.org.

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