"Drive Electric Northern Colorado" launched today by CSU, Loveland and FC

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Drive Electric
By Steve Porter


FORT COLLINS - The Electrification Coalition, in partnership with the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland and Colorado State University, today launched "Drive Electric Northern Colorado, a first-of-its-kind initiative aimed at spreading the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs).

The initiative will help facilitate the coordination, educational outreach, local business involvement and infrastructure needed to transform the area into a "model PEV deployment community," according to the EC.

"Once a city has the right buy-in from local businesses and leaders -- and a commitment to coordination and education -- the environment is ripe to show businesses and citizens from all walks of life the benefits to using PEVs in their everyday lives," said Robbie Diamond, EC CEO.

"Fort Collins and Loveland are going to show the nation how it's done."

Mayors of both cities expressed their strong support for the initiative.

"Fort Collins continues to be a place of innovation," said Mayor Karen Weitkunat. "We're proud to be the first community in the nation to truly implement a widespread effort to encourage use of electric vehicles. Our community is going to show how - with a unified purpose and solid partnerships - we can create positive change."

"Loveland believes that, as a leader in sustainability, we have an obligation to help reduce our dependence on oil and we have already started to convert our public vehicle fleet to PEVs," said Mayor Cecil Gutierrez.

"Everything from our economy to our air will benefit from more of our citizens being able to choose to run their car on electricity rather than oil."

Ron Sega, CSU vice president and Enterprise Executive for Energy and the Environment and Woodward professor of systems engineering, said institutions like CSU "can play a key role in driving innovation and making transitional technology a reality."

"We have some of the best and brightest researchers, not only in the field of electric vehicle technology, but also engaged in the interface of transportation and the electric grid," Sega said. "CSU looks forward to helping turn Northern Colorado into a model for collaboration and a leader in energy solutions."

Today's event featured the groundbreaking for the installation of a DC quick charger station, which will be available for public use at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery downtown.

The charger will be the first in operation in Colorado to charge a car in 15-30 minutes. The Bohemian Foundation announced it will donate two charging stations to the project.

"Bohemian Companies is excited to support DENC and its effort to help increase the number of plug-in electric vehicles on the road in Northern Colorado," said Stu MacMillan, Bohemian Companies director of real estate.

"Bohemian Companies and Bohemian Foundation support initiatives in Northern Colorado that will improve our community and help establish us as a place of innovation."

Founded in 2009, the EC is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group of business leaders committed to reducing oil dependence through the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale.

For more information on Drive Electric Northern Colorado, visit www.DriveElectricNoCo.org.


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