CSU Energy Institute helping Rebound Technology develop solar refrigeration system

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FORT COLLINS - Researchers at Colorado State University's Energy Institute are helping Boulder-based Rebound Technology build a solar-powered refrigeration system for use in developing countries, CSU announced.

Rebound Technology received a $1.375 million grant from the U.S. International Development agency to produce a prototype of its SunChill refrigeration system and test in Mozambique.

"It's Rebound's idea and technology," said Dan Zimmerle, a CSU researcher working on the project. "Our role is really technical support. We will help them with system modeling, constructing a prototype, testing and deploying in early field tests."

Rebound Technology logoThe SunChill technology takes heat from the sun and uses it to separate two materials that, when mixed again, produce a cooling effect that chills vegetables enough to extend their shelf life and keep them fresher longer, CSU said.

Kevin Davis, Rebound's CEO, said the system works like a chemical ice pack athletes and others use to treat injuries.

"When you crunch those ice packs, a chemical mixes with a fluid and produces a coolant," he said. "SunChill operates on the same principle except that our system is designed to work in a closed loop rather than a one-time use."

Rebound designed the system to work in countries where there is little access to electricity. The system is portable and requires no electrical power.

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