CSU Energy Institute awards $100K for nine faculty energy related research projects

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FORT COLLINS - The Energy Institute at Colorado State University has awarded $100,000 in grants to faculty researchers studying an array of energy-related topics.

The grants range from modeling the distribution of costs and benefits of hydraulic fracturing to developing sorghum strains that yield more bioenergy, the Energy Institute said.

"The goal is to support people who come up with creative new ideas related to energy, whether producing it or using it," said Ken Reardon, Energy Institute academic director.

"These are discovery grants and are meant to fund projects where researchers need to prove out concepts or gather initial data."

This is the first year the newly formed Energy Institute has funded research. Similar grants were awarded through the university's Clean Energy Supercluster, which has been absorbed by the Energy Institute.

Previous grants have led to large, federally funded projects and publications in peer-reviewed journals, Reardon said.

The nine grants were awarded to:

  • Pat Aloise-Young, Jeni Cross and Chuck Anderson to conduct studies to see if facial expressions influence people to use less electricity

  • Todd Bandhauer, to experiment with using waste heat from combustion engines to improve braking efficiency

  • Brian Dunbar, Stephanie Barr, Jeni Cross and Tara Shelley to examine the design processes used by teams creating high-performance buildings that exceed energy efficiency goals

  • Chris Goemans, to determine the factors that drive consumer support for alternative energy policies

  • Terrence Iverson, Dale Manning and Harvey Cutler to model distribution of costs and benefits of hydraulic fracturing

  • Courtney Jahn and Christie Peebles to develop new sorghum varieties that produce more bioenergy

  • James Neilson to develop new photovoltaic materials

  • Tom Santangelo to explore the use of a marine microorganism for simultaneous production of both gaseous and liquid biofuels

  • Dan Zimmerle to develop "plug-and-play" microgrids for rural communities in the developing world


"The Energy Institute was created to coordinate energy-related research across campus," Reardon said. "These grants reflect the impressive breadth and depth of CSU's energy expertise."

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