ebbu unveils patent-pending MJ aqua drops

Thursday April 27, 2017 0 comments Tags: Evergreen, Ebbu, Genesis Aqua Drops , Kedric George, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, Jon Cooper


EVERGREEN -- ebbu™, an industry leader in cannabis research, announced it has developed the industry’s first line of fast-acting, 100 percent water-soluble, truly consistent edible products that deliver a predictable and reliable experience.Ebbu_logoUSE

The recently launched “Aqua Drops” are a new patent-pending consumption mechanism for cannabis, the company said.

“Since they can be added to just about any beverage and were micro-dosed to be sessionable -- meaning consumers can have more than one -- they are ideal for social settings where being in control is important,” said Kedric George, ebbu’s VP of marketing.

“It allows the ‘cannabis curious consumer’ to consume discreetly without the need to smoke or inhale.”

The company said Aqua Drops were developed using the patent-pending, science-based Genesis™ Formulation (a precise cocktail of cannabinoids and terpenes designed to maximize the Entourage Effect) ensuring the Drops deliver on consistency no matter when or where you buy them.

The experience via Aqua Drops begins approximately 5 to 14 minutes after consumption, ebbu said, when consumed in a “cocktail” sized drink.

Unlike other cannabis edibles where the absorption doesn’t begin until digestion and the resulting experience is unpredictable, ebbu said the Genesis Aqueous Drops have greater bio-availability, so users get immediate feedback on how to self-dose.

“This is a pioneering invention because it is so broadly applicable,” said Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, ebbu’s director of patents and intellectual property.

“It’s not just a cannabis edible or beverage product, but a way to make all cannabis edibles and beverages significantly better.”  

The Genesis Aqueous Drops are micro-dosed (a popular trend in the industry), completely dissolvable liquids that come in disposable, portable and discreet 5mg vials.

Made from all-natural plant material, ebbu said users still enjoy the taste profile of the cannabinoids and terpenes without significantly altering the flavor of the beverage.

Additionally, the drops are clear, will not alter the drink’s color, and are also perfect for cooking and baking, the company said.

“ebbu’s ability to chart the strength and degree of specific feelings, create consistent products, and new ways to consume will be a game-changing contribution to the current cannabis landscape and will allow us to “cross the chasm” to serve a larger consumer demo,” said Jon Cooper, ebbu CEO.

“We are changing the relationship between cannabis and the consumer in a way that will allow for the mainstream adoption of cannabis products.”

The Genesis Aqueous Drops are now available in select Colorado dispensaries.