Judy Dorsey heading both Colorado energy and water innovation clusters, strengthening relationship

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By Steve Porter


FORT COLLINS - A familiar face is back to head the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (CCEC) and take it forward with some new priorities.

Judy Dorsey, founder and president of the Brendle Group - a sustainable engineering firm in Fort Collins -- was involved in the CCEC's creation and served as its executive director from 2006 to 2011.

Judy Dorsey
After a year time-out, Dorsey accepted the executive director's role again and said she's looking forward to moving the organization ahead by executing on some of the CCEC board's top priorities.

One of those priorities, Dorsey said, is to form a strong partnership with the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster (CWIC). Both organizations are based in Northern Colorado and Dorsey now serves as director of both.

"The idea is both clusters are maturing and at a stage of needing some dedicated leadership," Dorsey said, noting that the two clusters' overlapping initiatives offer mutual business opportunities for both.

The CCEC was launched in 2006 and the CWIC was formed in 2009.

"They're both gathering steam in their own right and have their own compelling initiatives and programs, and now is the time to help them further grow at the nexus of energy and water," Dorsey said.

Both cluster organizations are following a "triple helix" concept, which stresses cooperative relationships among research institutions and the public and private sectors.

Both are also "project focused," Dorsey said, with the CCEC's major initiative being FortZED - the creation of a zero-energy consumption district in downtown Fort Collins - and one of CWIC's major initiatives being the Water Innovation Network (WIN),which will include up to 60 water-monitoring sites along the Poudre River between the mouth of Poudre Canyon and Greeley.

Dorsey is also one of the founders of the International Clean Tech Network, an organization that's creating clean tech clusters worldwide.

Dorsey said the international network meets twice a year and the organization is planning to hold its second meeting of 2013 in Fort Collins, coinciding with the second annual Smart Grid Live event later this year.

Dorsey said the day-to-day mission of the CCEC and the CWIC will be to recruit new members and strengthen both organizations.

"Both clusters are maturing and we have renewed leadership and capacity to reach out to other companies and bring them into the fold," she said.

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