Turf Toes sandals let wearers stand out in a crowd

By: InnovatioNews Thursday April 24, 2014 0 comments

FORT COLLINS -- Stand out in a field of ho-hum shoe wearers and plant your toes in the grass all day with Turf Toes sandals.

Turf Toes said synthetic-but-feels-real grass on the sole of each sandal provides comfort, while sports-themed colors and designs lend personality and show team support.

Turf Toes said it aims to provide customers with an innovative sandal, giving the experience of walking on actual grass. Not only are the sandals very comfortable, but they're also very unique and be a great conversation starter.

In addition to adding synthetic grass on the sole of the sandal, Turf Toes will be incorporating various sports themes that go along with the company name. Such themes include team-oriented colors, sporty designs, and adding materials used in sporting goods equipment (fragments of soccer balls, footballs, and baseballs).

Turf Toes said sports fans like to be unique and different in the way they support a specific sport or team and do it by having things such as jerseys, hats and other wearable products that make them stand out. Turf Toes said its unique product feels great on people's feet by giving them the experience of actually being on the field.

TurfToes competed in the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Collegiate Track Challenge on May 2.


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