Teleos Media launches first platform to stream video with broadcast quality

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Teleos Media is launching the first media platform for streaming video over the Internet with a broadcast-quality viewing experience.

TV viewing is rapidly migrating from reliable broadcast and pay-TV infrastructure to the anywhere-and-anytime convenience of the Internet. Total video content delivered over the Internet (OTT) is forecast to grow to 46 exabytes per month worldwide by 2015 (Cisco VNI, 2011), which will be 90 percent of all consumer traffic.

According to Unisphere Research and Streaming Media Magazine, nearly all video delivery over the Internet is migrating to http streaming standards like HLS, HDS and DASH. With http video, a viewing experience is broken up into thousands of fragments where each fragment is served as an individual file.

For an optimal video experience, the entire series of fragments must be delivered in a continuous and jitter-less stream, where the latency of one fragment and its effective throughput is exactly the same as the next. With http streaming, any delay in a single fragment can cause the video player to reduce picture quality; or worse, it can cause the video to re-buffer.

When the viewing experience degrades, viewers abandon the stream. Conviva studied 22 billion streams in 2012 and concluded that viewing quality problems caused viewer abandonment worth $2.16 billion in lost revenue. And according to a 2013 Streaming Media survey, 57 percent of content brands said Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) is the top technical challenge for OTT deployments.

Teleos Media said its video platform improves and guarantees the video picture quality and viewing experience by eliminating jitter, reducing latency, and by applying QoS management to the entire video session. The service includes QoE SLAs, advanced DDoS protection, and transparent, real-time metrics -- all deployed on scalable, reliable and resilient cloud infrastructure.

The platform delivers dramatically more vertical scalability, which ensures viewer QoE is maintained under heavy loads. Teleos Media said it delivers this performance without the cost of building a global-delivery network.

Teleos Media said its technology and platform are offered as an optimized cloud video service or as a managed platform in a customer data center.

As a cloud-delivered service, customers can optimize the video experience and increase revenue while taking advantage of cloud economics and scalability.

As a managed platform in the data center, customers can dramatically reduce footprint, operating expense and capital expense.

Teleos said its service supports all video standards, easily plugs into any delivery architecture and can be deployed incrementally without customer disruption.

Teleos Media will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

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