Silver Bullet Water Treatment creates enhanced water systems

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DENVER-- The Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company manufactures and markets patented, commercially available water treatment systems for cooling towers, livestock drinking water, aquaculture farming operations and crop irrigation systems.

Silver Bullet said its systems effectively eliminate bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals; reduce and eliminate mineral scaling; and control corrosion within the water system for greater efficiency of operation and reduced maintenance.

The systems disassociate oxygen molecules (O2) in ambient air into oxygen ions (O-) which, when introduced into water, create hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) that works as a biocide, while other oxygen ions hold minerals, such as calcium, in solution.

For commercial and industrial cooling towers, the Silver Bullet System (SBS) increases operational efficiency, saving water and electricity while eliminating dangerous bacteria such as Legionella.

In livestock drinking water systems, the SBS eliminates bacteria without the use of hazardous chemicals, improving the overall health of the herd and increasing production for the farmer.

In aquaculture shrimp farming operations, the SBS has been independently verified to eliminate the bacterium vibrio parahaemolyticus, the bacteria responsible for the global outbreak of Early Mortality Syndrome that has devastated the global shrimp farming industry.

In crop irrigation systems, the SBS removes scale and biofilm buildup that clogs irrigation lines, so ensuring equal distribution of water. It also eliminates harmful bacteria such as Listeria that could come in contact with food intended for human consumption.

In addition, the SBS acts as a surfactant, reducing the surface tension of water, allowing it to be absorbed more efficiently by soil and plant root systems.

The SBS are distributed through a network of authorized dealers who are currently active participants in one or more of the market segments. By using dealers who are known and trusted by their target clients, Silver Bullet said it overcomes many of the obstacles that confront disruptive technologies.

The systems are rented on a monthly basis, eliminating the high capital commitments required with traditional water treatment systems. SBS said it also eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, which must be purchased, stored and fed into water treatment systems on a routine basis.

Because no capital investment required, the return on investment for the end user is infinite, the company said. The rental model provides Silver Bullet and its dealers with a recurring revenue stream that rapidly increases as additional units are rented.

The versatility of Silver Bullet's commercially available systems has proven attractive to investors. The systems are readily adaptable to numerous applications in several domestic and international markets, each of which has the potential for $1 billion in annual revenue.

Because water quality issues are a global problem independent of economic cycles, Silver Bullet said it has the possibility to address this critical and urgent problem while generating significant revenue.

Silver Bullet will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

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