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BROOKLYN, N. Y. -- ReadyGraph provides "Viral Growth as a Service," allowing any website to automate the growth of its community with only one line of code.

ReadyGraph's viral growth system includes many of the social features that large social networks use to reach massive adoption. These core features can turn any site into a social community that grows on its own.

The features include: a social registration flow that allows users to connect with friends and refer them to their site; an onsite social feed that allows users to highlight shareable content; and automatic viral email campaigns that promote re-engagement so users continue to share content with friends.

ReadyGraph said it continuously optimizes these features in the background and constantly delivers enhancements through the cloud.

ReadyGraph's founder spent years at a venture-backed company learning how to engineer community growth by unlocking the social graph. He discovered the fastest-growing social networks implement a system of features that work together to automate growth.

Unfortunately -- until now -- implementing these features has required significant expertise and resources. Successful companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter acquire millions of users by hiring large teams to build these features into their products.

ReadyGraph makes it easy for any site or app owner to do the same - with one easy-to-integrate platform. The company said it believes that no quality website should be held back just because its owners do not have the resources or expertise to generate viral growth.

So far, ReadyGraph said it has driven millions of referrals to the thousands of sites that have installed the platform. ReadyGraph takes less than five minutes to implement, and sites typically increase traffic by 50 to 100 percent, although certain sites have multiplied visits 100 times on a consistent basis.

Founded in 2013, ReadyGraph said it is about creating a more personal and social web. By powering community growth for millions of sites, the company plans to build the world's largest, decentralized social network.

End-users ultimately benefit because they can connect with one another in the context of the best content from across the Web.

ReadyGraph will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

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