Radish Systems' ChoiceView offers system to avoid call frustration

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BOULDER -- Radish Systems, a mobile enterprise software and professional services firm, offers ChoiceView as a support and sales solution that allows businesses to talk with callers while sharing visual content in real-time via their smartphone devices or browsers.

Radish said ChoiceView allows callers to talk or chat while they see documents, images, forms and menus sent from a contact center agent or interactive voice response (IVR) system. During the call, callers also send their own photos, videos and form data directly to the business.

ChoiceView provides a hybrid medium of communication with endless possibilities and eases the pain of frustrating automated phone systems (IVRs) and live assistance. The patent-pending, HIPAA-compliant technology increases comprehension, problem-solving and recall on mobile customer support calls by as much as 600 percent, according to research from the best-selling book Brainrules.

Radish said ChoiceView helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improved overall user experience, and increased business profits. The company said its team is proven, with more than 60 combined years of telecomm experience, including a $40 million exit. A short video illustrating use of the ChoiceView solution can be viewed at www.ChoiceView.com.

Radish said 1 billion calls per day into dreaded automated phone systems (known as Interactive Voice Response systems or IVRs) and inefficient live assistance leaves callers screaming in frustration. These customers, who are trying to exchange or buy products, seek assistance with product issues and complete other business transactions, want better service.

Consequently, Radish said, customers tell others about their bad experience and take their business elsewhere. Amplicate, an online data tracker, found 88 percent of people dislike reaching an IVR system. A negative call center experience results in more than 63 percent of customers who stop doing business with a firm, according to Purdue University.

Radish said its ChoiceView enables businesses to instantly share visual content on callers' mobile devices and any browser during calls to IVRs and live contact centers. With Radish's ChoiceView, when a user calls in to place an order, get support, or ask for information, user understanding is highly increased by sending pictures, graphics, video clips, documents or text to the smartphone while talking.

Those images appear on the caller's smartphone or computer screen as clients' live support staff (or IVR system) sends them over to the caller. Radish said this improves communications, facilitates a faster resolution, and enhances the overall customer service experience. As a result, businesses make money, save money and improve the user experience.

ChoiceView improves support for all callers, including those on mobile devices. Radish said ChoiceView is a new proprietary and secure cloud-based, enterprise SaaS communications solution in the market now. Use cases with early customers include mobile commerce, True Visual Interactive Voice Response systems (True Visual IVR), technical support, employee communications and enhanced customer support.

The team's previous company, Radish Communications Systems (Radish 1.0), was sold for more than $40 million in 1996, returning more than three times to their investors. Radish co-founders are a proven team of industry leaders in the mobile and call center space, with Bell Labs heritage.

Radish Systems will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

For more information, visit www.radishsystems.com.



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