E-Flux offers system to measure petroleum biodegradation rates

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FORT COLLINS -- E-Flux is a startup that uses proprietary technology to measure petroleum biodegradation rates in the soil at oil spill sites.

The company provides cost-effective, solution-oriented services that make complex soil gas transport measurements easily accessible.

The E-Flux CO2 Traps were invented by a team of researchers at the Center for Contaminant Hydrology at Colorado State University, including research scientist Dr. Julio Zimbron and Dr. Tom Sale, a professor in CSU's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Developed with funding from industry sponsors including Chevron and Suncor Energy, the E-Flux CO2 Traps were conceived as a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the complex problem of accurately measuring petroleum biodegradation rates in the soil at oil spill sites.

This proprietary technology (U.S. Patent 0031955) has been implemented at more than 35 petroleum-impacted field sites, including active and closed refineries, rail yards, gasoline stations and industrial facilities.

To meet the needs of this growing customer base, the technology was migrated from CSU to E-Flux, a private company founded by Dr. Zimbron, to lease the carbon traps to customers and provide them with customized analysis of the data collected in the traps.

From its beginning, E-Flux was designed to be an industry-focused company that strives to understand the unique needs of its applied research customers. As founder of E-Flux, Dr. Zimbron has consistently sought out feedback from clients, using this input to continually improve product quality, ensure prompt and efficient ordering and delivering, and foster positive relationships.

E-Flux is a client company of CSU Ventures, an organization dedicated to the transfer and commercialization of innovative technologies discovered at CSU. Its offices and labs are housed at CSU's Research and Innovation Center.

E-Flux is also an off-site client of the Rocky Mountain Innosphere, a Fort Collins-based technology incubator that supports science and technology companies in Northern Colorado.

E-Flux will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

For more information, visit www.soilgasflux.com.


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