Crimson Oak wants to democratize clothing design

By: Steve Friday May 2, 2014 0 comments

FORT COLLINS -- Crimson Oak is a unique online fashion hub that makes both shopping for clothing and submitting clothing designs onto the website simple and fun.

The company said it will focus on retail where clothes are submitted by designers and then voted upon by consumers. After the designer uploads his/her designs, they are posted on the website and consumers can vote for designs they like best.

Crimson Oak said it will produce and sell the clothing articles that are most popular at the end of a two-week voting period.

The company said it will solve multiple issues, not only those of the designers but also for consumers. Consumers will be able to access a more diverse platform where they can buy whatever they want and need.

At the same time, the platform will help designers get exposure and display their articles to see if a design will be popular.

Crimson Clothing said it believes consumers want to engage in a more democratic process of clothing production.

The company said it will shift the decision-making process from the few to the many, so consumers get to pick what will be sold and designers get the opportunity to focus on the one job they care about -- designing clothes.

Crimson Clothing's revenue will come from clothing sales. For example, when an item is popular, the company will produce it with a mark-up of roughly 30 percent. From that mark-up, about 5 percent will go to the designer and the other 25 percent will go to the company.

Crimson Oak competed in the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Collegiate Track Challenge on May 2.

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