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By: InnovatioNews Friday May 2, 2014

Community funded logoFORT COLLINS -- Community Funded (CF) is committed to empowering people and organizations through technology that leverages resources collaboratively.

Community Funded said its technology creates a collaborative ecosystem designed to inspire, incubate and activate ideas. Turning crowds into communities, anything is possible when it's community funded.

CF is comprised of founders and employees who believe in the company's mission to create disruptive technology and cause dis-intermediation in accessing capital.

CF has developed innovative tools to assist in digitally connecting a community's resources. ( is CF's own platform for fundraising and e-commerce. The site allows users to create personalized fundraising projects, collect feedback and raise funds by offering items and services (rewards).

CF also offers a feature unique to crowdfunding platforms that allows users to offer items or services to fundraisers (sponsored rewards). The proceeds raised from a sponsored reward are pledged to the fundraiser with whom they are associated.

The second product CF has developed -- EmpoweredBy CF (ExCF) -- is a white-label solution that allows anyone who wants to create their own crowdfunding platform to do so quickly and easily.

CF heard from larger enterprise-level clients that they loved the technology but after many years of developing their own brand, they wanted to keep their customers on their own sites. ExCF is the solution.

ExCF has two variations: the Lite version, and a subscription- or fee-based Enterprise solution. Providing customers this technology is powerful in its own right, but CF said it provides even greater value. They also provide tools for collaborative fundraising, where a user's fundraiser displays on their URL as well as, and any additional URL that fundraisers wish.

A fundraiser can create a single project that has the potential to display across an unlimited number of URLs, with data tracked across all URLs. Crowdfunding projects have the greatest chance of success when the most people possible see them. ExCF provides tools that enhance opportunity.

CF's next steps are to develop the equity investment portion of the platform, starting first with the Title II portion of the JOBS Act, which allows for general solicitation by broker dealers, and following later with the Title III portion of the JOBS Act -- equity investment in companies by unaccredited investors.

CF said it will also expand its ExCF tools to include its new Marketplace technology. This will support collaborative commerce, sharing products and stores across multiple URLs (similar to the existing ExCF technology for fundraisers) while managing all URLs from a single dashboard.

The final near-term development will be the completion of an ExCF code that works on social media platforms like Facebook.

CF said it is committed to creating opportunity for others and connecting community resources in new and efficient ways. The company said it is excited to share its technology with the world in an effort to empower all individuals and organizations to leverage their communities to cause a positive impact.

Community Funded will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

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