BAUS Tech looks to improve drone-based services

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FORT COLLINS -- BAUS Tech is a technology solutions startup aimed at increasing efficiency and cutting costs for businesses, saving lives, and enhancing the world through autonomous aerial technologies.

The company provides unmanned aerial systems custom-tailored to any person, business or organization's needs. Using streamlined software, sensor integration, and cutting-edge automation, BAUS Tech will provide customized AAS fitted with specialized equipment that can be applied to search-and-rescue, traditional and extreme sports photography and cinematography, food delivery, environmental protection and research, aid in forest fire-fighting, and even transporting life-saving supplies to remote regions of the Earth.

Thanks to a stringent ban on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), BAUS Tech is slated to be the first-of-its-kind provider of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in a completely open and untapped industry.

Recent Congressional legislation has directed the U.S. transportation secretary to develop a comprehensive plan to safely accelerate the integration of civil UAS into the national airspace system as soon as practicable, but no later than Sept. 30, 2015.

In response to this, the FAA has begun accepting applications for drone licensing from organizations on a case-by-case basis in order to aid in testing and development of regulatory systems for UAVs.

BAUS Tech said it expects to be a dominant player in the UAS industry, but in order for this to happen it needs a strong launch with a system that is both unique and beneficial. With sound trends of growth in the snow sports industry over recent years, BAUS Tech is in the perfect position -- in terms of size, location and networking -- to launch its first drone system, an unmanned aerial avalanche search-and-rescue system.

In the event of an avalanche in which a traveler is buried, experts say the victim has 14 minutes of oxygen available. Currently, the most widely-used systems for rescue are hand beacons. Not only are these beacons slow and require manual homing by trial-and-error, they are also costly.

At a competitive price, BAUS Tech can build a faster, more versatile and more efficient system to help provide safety and peace of mind to mountain adventurers. Our UAS will be designed in a modular way so action sports photography and cinematography capabilities can be added and installed for use by snow sports advertisers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Because of the simplicity and standardized nature of copter components, BAUS Tech is able to develop and manufacture baseline stock copters that can support simplified plug-and-play technologies for various hardware and software components.

This allows for infinite customizability and scalability for customers and their individual needs, similar to how a PC can be customized with different keyboards, mice and webcams with relative ease and simplicity.

BAUS Tech said it plans to start small, focusing on the snow sports industry. With growth and new opportunities, the company said it is confident it will be able to pivot into new ideas and sectors of the drone industry.

BAUS Tech competed in the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Collegiate Track Challenge on May 2.


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