ARTery offers smartphone app to enhance art appreciation

By: InnovatioNews Friday May 2, 2014 0 comments

DENVER -- ARTery is a cutting-edge social media, marketing, smartphone app for art galleries and museums, as well as art lovers and consumers.

ARTery utilizes image recognition software to identify artworks and display relevant information about the artworks and the artists who created them. The app also identifies the gallery or museum where the artwork is on display.

It also provides users with additional, in-depth information about the artists and the artworks, and sends alerts to users when new exhibitions and gallery openings are scheduled.

ARTery provides numerous ways for nonprofit museums and for-profit art galleries to interact with their clientele. They can promote the artwork they exhibit by providing engaging content to visitors that can be accessed both in-gallery or at home.

Museums and galleries can use direct marketing to ARTery users who have collected and are following specific artworks or artists they feature. They can interface with other galleries and museums creating a comprehensive on-line catalogue of an artist's body of work, guiding art lovers to the various venues where they can view the artworks in person.

ARTery gives art lovers and consumers unparalleled access to useful information about artworks and the artists who created them. They can discover a wide variety of historical and biographical information about the art and artists.

They can also exhibit -- or share -- their favorite art on social media and even curate their own online exhibition. But instead of just sharing images, they will also be sharing all of the same relevant information that friends and family can also easily access.

Using a smartphone camera, the user simply centers the artwork in their visual display and ARTery recognizes the image and displays a gallery label with the title of the artwork, the artist who created it, the date it was created, the medium, and the dimensions.

A simple push of the collector button and the artwork and artist are saved in the user's art collection via the cloud. The user can visit their collection later and browse through favorite works of art. Touching the exhibit button allows users to post the artwork to their preferred social media platform, whether Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, or Instagram.

When the image posts, ARTery automatically populates the post with its own gallery label displaying the relevant information, including the museum or gallery location where it can be viewed in person.

When clicked on by friends, hyperlinks within the gallery label will direct them to the ARTery downloadable free app if they don't already have it installed. If they do have ARTery installed, they are directed to the ARTery cloud content for that particular artwork and artist, where they can explore and discover more about the art, and then save it to their own collection or exhibit it themselves.

The development of the ARTery app has the potential to dramatically transform the way in which individuals interact with art in their communities, and how galleries and museums interact with their clientele.

There are three specific ways through which ARTery will accomplish this:

  • By providing an interactive experience that is both engaging and informative, reaching out to a forward-looking, tech-savvy generation.

  • By giving galleries and museums the tools to connect directly with their target markets, and providing them with hard statistical data and analytics of visitor responses to the art that they represent -- something that has never been available before this technology existed

  • By breaking down barriers that keep people from becoming involved within their art communities, giving users unparalleled access to relevant information about the artworks they love within a platform that gives them the independence to explore that knowledge on their own terms.

ARTery competed in the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Collegiate Track competition on May 2.

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