5280 Prosthetics aims to help amputees live fuller lives

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LITTLETON --5280 Prosthetics, LLC is a Colorado-based prosthetic manufacturing company formed to improve the lives of amputees.

5280 Prosthetics has created a paradigm shift within the prosthetic industry by developing a product line called Puck Technology. As a result, the industry's first intelligent socket system with elevated vacuum was developed.

The SmartPuck™ is the first device in the industry to allow a prosthesis to actually communicate with the patient via a smart device. The product features a continuously expanding application platform that can be remotely updated via the Apple App store.

An exclusive agreement with Apple Inc. has been reached to distribute an iPod Touch with each SmartPuck purchase. The marketing power and brand recognition of Apple is expected to fuel product sales.

SmartPucks are superior in design, easy to install and eliminate the potential for vacuum leakage. And because the different Puck products are interchangeable, both the clinician and patient have more choices.

Clint Accinni and Royce Heck are founding members of 5280 Prosthetics LLC and Adaptec Prosthetics, LLC. With their knowledge and hands-on experience, they were able to identify shortcomings of existing devices and develop an improved product design with greater market appeal and features.

5280 Prosthetics has intellectual property patents pending. These patents, combined with a supply chain partner, Advantage Electronic Product Development, Inc., have played an instrumental role in the successful development of this technology.

Advantage Electronic Product Development, Inc. has the capacity to manufacture as well as aid in the development of future software and firmware ideas. The SmartPuck product received CLASS II Medical Device status and UL mark in June 2013.

5280 Prosthetics is positioned to capture a large portion of the vacuum suspension market by offering multiple devices designed for each target market. The company obtained an exclusive agreement with Apple Inc. for an indefinite time period to gift an iPod Touch with each purchase of a SmartPuck.

However, not every patient is a candidate for the SmartPuck technology, which is why the company has developed the Airpuck™ and VaporPuck,™ which satisfy the needs of all suspended vacuum target markets. Puck Technology devices are the only devices in the marketplace that create a vacuum from inside the prosthetic socket.

Puck Technology's ease of fabrication and expanded user base (amputation level), combined with the ability of the SmartPuck to collect and relay objective data to the prosthetic wearer and the practitioner give 5280 Prosthetics a competitive advantage.

5280 Prosthetics will compete in the $250,000 Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge on May 24.

For more information, visit www.5280prosthetics.com.

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