Two years old and growing

By: Steve Monday June 2, 2014 Tags: Dan Arvizu, DaVinci Institute, Peter Adams, Rockies Venture Club, Steve Porter, Thomas Frey


Two years ago, InnovatioNews went from an idea to an actual online-based startup that aimed to report the latest news about innovation across Colorado.

In so doing, InnovatioNews became - and still is - the only print or online publication covering only innovation of all kinds in the entire state.

Other publications offer some innovation news coverage, while others limit their coverage to a specific geographic location.

But only InnovatioNews covers it all, and we do it in a way that's understandable to the more casual reader who wants to keep up with Colorado's rapidly changing innovation landscape without having to understand techno-speak.

So here we are, two years since our June 1, 2012 launch, and how are we doing, you may ask?

We're doing fine, thank you.

Oh, we're still figuring out ways to make this a more profitable adventure, and to do the very best we can to bring our readers the innovation news they want and need.

But we've made some great strides in our first two years.

We've run more than 2,300 stories in these two years, including more than 220 original stories and blogs by our talented reporters and bloggers.

We've assembled a great group of bloggers, including a new monthly investment column by Peter Adams, respected leader of Rockies Venture Club.

We've INterviewed some of the big players in the state's innovation community, including Dan Arvizu, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Thomas Frey, founder of The DaVinci Institute.

We won five awards at this spring's 2014 Society of Professional Journalists awards ceremony, including a first-place award for "General Website Excellence," of which I'm especially proud.

Recently, we held our first InnovatioNews-sponsored event at the Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins during the first-ever Fort Collins Startup Week.

But we couldn't have lasted this long and developed a publication admired by other journalists without the help of many people.

We are very grateful to the excellent bloggers and reporters who have written timely and compelling stories about innovative people, products and trends.

Our current group of writers - Phil Lindeman, Curt MacDougall, David Wagman, Barbara Hall, Kay Rios and Brad Shannon - have lent their considerable skills and experience to our cause and made InnovatioNews a respected name.

And they built on a reputation created by earlier writers who have moved on to other pursuits, and we are thankful to them, too.

We are especially grateful to our original sponsors, who believed in us and have continued to do so. They include the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado BioScience Association, CSU Ventures, Rocky Mountain Innosphere, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce and Northern Colorado Economic Development Corp.

They know that we're partnering with them to accomplish the same mission: To help stimulate economic vitality and new employment across the state.

So now we begin our third year with high hopes that we can do an even better job "covering all things innovative in Colorado."

That includes more video, deeper stories and increased coverage of the people and companies that define innovation and entrepreneurship in our state.

And if there is something you'd like us to cover that we haven't, or deeper coverage of a particular area of innovation you'd like to see, please let us know.

We'd love to hear from you.

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