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By: Steve Friday May 31, 2013 1 comments Tags: Editorially Speaking, Steve Porter

Nearly every day, InnovatioNews posts stories about innovative startup companies in Colorado.

Did you know that InnovatioNews.com is the only website in the state that does that across the wide spectrum of innovation - from aerospace to bioscience,  energy to robotics, investment to social media - and just about everything else to be found in Colorado's innovation landscape?

It's true.

So far we've published more than 1,100 stories about what's new and exciting in the innovation space, and we know we're just getting started because Colorado's entrepreneurs are among the most innovative in the nation and there's no sign that's going to change.

June 1 marks the first anniversary of InnovatioNews, and I'm amazed how quickly the time has gone by. In that year, we've polished our act and added many new features we believe make InnovatioNews a must-read every day for those who care about innovation in our wonderful state.

Over the months, our readership numbers have steadily climbed, and gradually the word has been spreading about what we offer to the entire state.

Our mission is to illuminate the innovation landscape, shining a light on the established innovators and the innovative startups that keep the momentum going to enhance Colorado's economy and provide the good jobs we'll need in the future.

InnovatioNews is one of those startups.

Just one year ago, we, too, came onto the scene as a humble startup company. Instead of an innovative product or service, we offer information about those products and services to help those startup companies be successful and Coloradans enjoy better lives through the jobs and economic vitality they provide.

And that's also an innovative thing to be doing.

The past year has been a gratifying experience, and we are especially grateful to our wonderful sponsors and to the writers,advisors and others who have helped us keep going and growing.

Thanks to you all, and we look forward to continuing to tell the stories and provide the news about innovation in Colorado that inspire us all to dream of a brighter future for everyone.

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Happy birthday. It has been a great year - and Colorado entrepreneurship is better for it!

- Jerry Thurber