Goodbye 2012, and thank you all!

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It's been a great year for, although we've technically only been around since June 1.

But there was a lot of preparation that went into launching our web site that day, so I guess you could say we've been busy with this endeavor pretty much all year.

It's been a fun and interesting ride and definitely a learning experience. We're still learning, and no doubt will be for the foreseeable future.

As the year draws to an end, there are some special people we'd like to thank for helping us put this thing in motion.

We thank Betsey Hale with the city of Loveland, Josh Birks with the city of Fort Collins, Kelly Peters and Walt Elish at Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation and David May at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

These folks and their colleagues were the first believers in what we could do and provided the sponsorship funds to help get us going. We would have gotten nowhere without them.

Later, Konan Hauser, owner of The Marketing Department, also became a sponsor of our project.

Thank you all!

Recently, we added Colorado State University Ventures and the Colorado BioScience Association to our sponsor list. We thank them -- especially Todd Headley at CSU Ventures and April Giles at CBSA -- so very much.

We must also give a special thanks to Mike Freeman, CEO of Rocky Mountain Innosphere, who was among the first to encourage us to go ahead and give this our best shot.

That exploratory conversation I had with Mike back in January 2012 made me believe this really could be a viable enterprise.

Thank you, Mike.

We also thank our freelance writers and contributors who have helped make a respected source of news and information about Colorado's rapidly expanding innovation scene.

And we thank all the innovative businesses and companies that have trusted us to share their stories with Colorado and the world. We hope the exposure we have provided has made some difference in their growth and success.

As 2013 begins, we look forward to covering more stories of innovation in the great state of Colorado.

Please don't hesitate to send us your story ideas and comments. And please pass the word along about, because that is the best way to ensure our success and ongoing ability to tell the stories of innovation that will ultimately provide good jobs and a better future for our children and fellow Coloradans.

Thanks to all of you, and all the best for a prosperous and successful 2013.

Steve Porter, Editor

Lee Porter, Publisher

Jay Jacoby, Chief Innovation Officer


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