Sit-ins offers classical musicians the chance to learn with master players

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Sit-ins logoDURANGO - A new technology that allows musicians to be part of an accomplished ensemble is being offered by Sit-ins, giving aspiring classical musicians a better, faster, more inspired way to improve their skills.

While sheet music and other products focus on learning notes, Sit-ins said it focuses on helping classical players learn from elite musicians in order to become more expressive and inspired.

"Until now, this kind of learning and playing was only available for a few," said James Bowers, composer and company co-founder. "Now, by marrying technology and art, everyone can experience the growth that playing with master musicians offers."

The technology consists of recorded live performances with each instrument isolated, making them available for playback in any combination.

To give the musician ultimate control, Sit-ins said the technology allows users to slow down the tempo without changing the pitch.

"When people play with our technology, they feel challenged to step up," said Lily Weisbecker, Sit-ins co-founder. "They are engaged, so they play longer. They make mistakes freely without fear of embarrassment, which is an incredible way to learn."

Musicians can download Sit-ins immediately on the website at no cost, the company said. Current available repertoire includes Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.

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