NREL's "Green Button" helps consumers save electricity, make better energy decisions

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GOLDEN - Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory helped develop standards for the "Green Button," a new software application that links consumers to utility company portals.

The tool is designed to make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions that save them money and energy. Thirty-one million Americans are now getting energy information through software applications since the tool was released earlier this year, according to NREL.

The Green Button is a White House initiative aimed at simplifying energy data access for consumers. Through the initiative, utility companies are encouraged to give consumers the ability to easily access and share their own energy use information so they can best manage their energy consumption.

The Green Button is based on a standard developed by a working group of the North American Energy Standards Board at the request of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, a public-private partnership.

The Energy Service Provider Interface standard brings together work done by ASHRAE, the EIS Alliance, IEC and NAESB into a single specification for exchanging energy use information between utilities, customers and third-party application developers.

Having a common data format opens a broad market for entrepreneurs to develop innovative products that help customers understand and manage their energy use and utility bills, NREL said.

NREL said it played an integral role in the development of the standards for the Green Button, as well as developing a consistent way to report the data.

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