Madwire Media introduces UXi software platform to give customers more website design control

By: InnovatioNews Thursday October 31, 2013 Tags: J.B. Kellogg, Loveland, Madwire Media, UXi

Madwire logoLOVELAND - Digital marketing agency Madwire Media announced the introduction of its proprietary UXi (User Experience Intelligence) software platform that allows businesses to market themselves online with full control of the design depending on the device, whether it's a computer, phone or tablet.

Madwire said it developed UXi with a specific focus on marketing to deliver results that justify the customer's ROI. Unlike a standard website design, Madwire said UXi technology adapts the design over time to convert traffic at a higher rate.

"Our platform really is set apart from other platforms," said J.B. Kellogg, Madwire co-founder, CEO and COO. "It's literally changing positively to increase conversions over time based on the traffic coming into it."

Madwire said the platform can be customized according to the needs of any business with variable layout, style and content.

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