Lifeloc Technologies announces distribution of RedXDefense's all-in-one detection system

Monday March 30, 2015 0 comments Tags: Barry Knott, Lifeloc Technologies, RedXDefense, Vince Dugan, Wheat Ridge, XCAT


XCAT all-in-one detector
WHEAT RIDGE -Lifeloc Technologies, a leading manufacturer of DOT-approved evidential and preliminary breath alcohol testers for workplace and law enforcement, announced the distribution of XCAT, a portable all-in-one detection system for explosives, narcotics and gunshot residue.

Lifeloc said XCAT is a safer alternative to colorimetric tests because operators are not exposed to chemicals or broken glass.

Lifeloc said the XCAT optical detection systems is manufactured by Maryland-based RedXDefense and allows operators to test pills, powders, residue and liquids on surfaces and hands in three simple steps.

"We're delighted to be working with Lifeloc Technologies, a world-class company with global reach in law enforcement," said Vince Dugan, RedXDefense CEO.

"The Lifeloc and RedX teams and business models have strong synergy that will facilitate successfully marketing RedX's XCAT into domestic and international law enforcement, workplace and military markets."

Lifeloc logo"XCAT is extraordinary in its versatility, accuracy and ease-of-use," said Barry Knott, Lifeloc CEO. "No other detection system combines narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue into a single affordable device that is this portable and rugged."

Lifeloc said XCAT is currently in use by agencies in more than 34 states and 20 nations.