Lifeloc releases AlcoMark breath testing software

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Lifeloc logoWHEAT RIDGE - Lifeloc Technologies, a leading manufacturer of DOT-approved evidential and preliminary breath alcohol testers for the workplace and law enforcement, today announced the release of the company's new AlcoMark Breath Testing and Remote Diagnostic Software for use with Lifeloc professional breathalyzers.

The AlcoMark PC-based software enables test and calibration results stored in Lifeloc breath testers to be easily imported into the AlcoMark database, sorted, filtered and analyzed, the company said.

Data can then be exported into Excel, XML, or text files for further analysis and sharing.

"AlcoMark facilitates data-driven decision-making by giving program administrators total access and visibility to test result and calibration data from any number of Lifeloc instruments," said Kelly Silverman, Lifeloc's director of product management.

"Users can isolate an individual record, a series of events or look for trends across their entire fleet of breath testers."

AlcoMark software is available in English or Spanish for the following DOT approved Lifeloc instruments: FC10Plus, FC20, FC20 Bluetooth, EV30, Phoenix 6.0 and Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth.

AlcoMark is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, Lifeloc said.

Lifeloc is also working to develop the nation's first marijuana impairment field test kit.

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