FreeWave Technologies launches WaveContact family of wireless I/O solutions for M2M

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FreeWave logoBOULDER -- FreeWave Technologies, Inc., a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, is releasing the WaveContact™ product family.

The new product family expands FreeWave's wireless I/O solutions for industrial M2M and IoT applications in remote hazardous locations. WaveContact extends reliable connectivity to sensor networks across wide areas and simplifies the M2M network setup for the oil-and-gas, factory automation, industrial control, water/wastewater, smart grid, government and defense and agriculture industries.

"As industrial markets focus more on safety, automation and improving operational efficiencies, the demand for intensive monitoring, measurement and process control has naturally followed," said Glenn Longley, senior product manager for I/O and software at FreeWave.

"The WaveContact family of  industrial M2M wireless I/O solutions are rugged-ized for use in hazardous environments, and offers connectivity with many devices and I/O applications over both short and long distances simultaneously."

Freewave said industrial markets require simple yet dependable monitoring and control of M2M devices over distances to maximize the value of production assets. The WaveContact product family adds to FreeWave's extensive I/O solutions by providing customers with end-to-end wireless networking capabilities for any environment where process automation is needed.

The WaveContact 10i EndPoint is a Class 1, Division 1 (C1D1) certified wireless I/O solution that delivers a versatile design for enabling multiple process automation and control capabilities for hazardous locations. Designed with a self-contained, explosion-proof enclosure, it combines the versatility of up to six analog voltage inputs and an RS485 interface. The 10i EndPoint includes a rechargeable battery and integrated solar panel, and a 1 watt 900 MHz or 500 mW 2.4 GHz wireless M2M communication module. It is a complete solution designed for easy installation, thus eliminating any significant integration work, FreeWave said.

The WaveContact 50i Data Concentrator aggregates telemetry from multiple sensors and other wireless M2M devices for simple and flexible connectivity to a data center or SCADA network. With both serial and Ethernet connections over wired or wireless connections, the Data Concentrator serves as an M2M gateway to the 10i Endpoints, other FreeWave wireless I/O modules, and also provides outstanding functionality as a Serial Radio Master for connecting serial devices with existing FGR/FGR2 (900 MHz) or GX/I2 (2.4 GHz) FreeWave networks. It provides a built-in terminal server for hard-wired Ethernet connections, Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU translation and Ethernet I/O.

"As the industrial IoT rapidly expands in usage and complexity, FreeWave remains committed to providing highly reliable, long range M2M connectivity - from remote sensor networks dispersed in the field to the corporate office," said Ashish Sharma, CMO of FreeWave Technologies. "The new WaveContact family allows our customers to deploy IO anywhere it is needed, thus enabling greater visibility and control of production assets for real-time decision-making."

FreeWave said it has begun taking orders for WaveContact 10i and 50i for shipments in the fourth quarter. For more information, contact FreeWave at 866-923-6168.

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