DH2i releases DxEnterprise software to 'containerize' Windows Server applications

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DH2i logoFORT COLLINS - DH2i, a leading provider of Windows Server application portability and management solutions, announced the launch of DxEnterprise container management software.

The company said DxEnterprise "containerizes" Windows Server application instances, decoupling the apps and all associated data from host OS and underlying physical infrastructure.

The software delivers fast and transparent application portability, hyperscale cloud-like agility and ensured high availability, DH2i said, making apps easier to provision, test, deploy and manage while lowering costs by 30-60 percent.

DxEnterprise software decouples Windows Server application instances from a physical server, virtual machine or cloud server via its unique lightweight container called a virtual host, or Vhost.

Each Vhost consists of a logical computer name, an associated IP address (or addresses), Vhost management metadata and portable native NIFS volumes, DX2i said.

DxEnterprise containers share a single Windows Server OS instance and are then stacked on virtual or physical servers, providing significant consolidation and application instance portability.

"With DxEnterprise, customers can containerize and make any new or existing Windows Server app service, file share, or Microsoft SQL Server instance portable and highly available, with the native dynamic NTFS volumes following the workload - all with just a few clicks," said OJ Ngo, DH2i co-founder and CTO.

The software is now available. Visit the company's website for more information or call 970-295-4505.

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