Cloud Elements announces new developer tool to connect Twilio and SendGrid

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CENTENNIAL - Open cloud company Cloud Elements announced the availability of a new developer tool to connect Twilio and SendGrid, the two leading cloud API platforms for SMS messaging, voice and email respectively via a single uniform application programming interface (API).

The Cloud Elements Messaging Hub provides a single console to provision, integrate, monitor and maintain these services, the company said, providing an integrated messaging platform that delivers seamless interaction between the leading SMS, voice and email service providers.

The Cloud Elements Messaging Hub will be available without charge for the remainder of 2013, the company said.

"Twilio is the top innovator in SMS and voice messaging services and SendGrid leads the email services market," said Mark Geene, Cloud Elements CEO.

"Cloud Elements' mission is to make it easier for developers to integrate, monitor and maintain the cloud services their applications depend on. Cloud Elements brings these two messaging leaders together with a uniform API and consolidated monitoring, logging and analytics."

"We're excited by what Cloud Elements is doing with their new messaging hub," said Lynda Smith, Twilio CMO. "Developers often work with multiple APIs in the process of building out their solutions. The Cloud Elements approach allows them to manage them from a single dashboard, freeing up more time to create cool things."

"Our mission at SendGrid is to make email simple, easy and fast for developers," said Jim Franklin, SendGrid CEO. "Cloud Elements is bringing our existing partnership with Twilio to the Cloud Elements customer ecosystem and is making it even easier for developers to integrate both email and messaging by offering a singular, uniform API and dashboard."

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