Appit Ventures releases suite of mobile apps for entrepreneurs

By: Steve Monday November 12, 2012 0 comments Tags: Accredited Members, Appit Ventures, Denver, iPad, Jeff Macco, Rob Carpenter

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DENVER - Appit Ventures today announced it is releasing a comprehensive suite of business apps for the iPad - including investor access - to help entrepreneurs create custom, strategic action plans for their businesses.

The concept for the suite began with the creation of the company's Business Plan Premier, an interactive app that helps users write business plans, Appit said.

Appit said it expanded its product line into a full suite of business apps, including strategies for marketing, branding, social media, public relations and Internet marketing.

Each app converts industry knowledge into easy-to-understand sections and then creates a custom, strategic action plan for its user on completion.

"We have a wide user base, including English as a second language, so we wrote the content in an easy-to-understand format in a conversational manner," said Jeff Macco, Appit Ventures co-founder.

"Whether our users are first-time entrepreneurs or have built a few businesses, this suite has valuable content to enhance their knowledge base."

A unique feature of the suite is that each app gives its users access to Accredited Members Inc., a group of 3,000 investors based in Colorado Springs. Actor Ben Stein is one of the investors and is featured in every app.

"Appit Ventures is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people start successful companies," said Rob Carpenter, Appit co-founder.

"Entrepreneurs have a hard enough time starting businesses, so we wanted to make high-quality software and provide access to investors in order to help people start and grow businesses."

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