Zynex announces second utility patent for its blood volume monitor

Thursday January 7, 2021 0 comments Tags: Englewood, Zynex, Thomas Sandgaard

ENGLEWOOD -- Zynex, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZYXI) reported it has obtained a second U.S. utility patent for its Blood Volume Monitor Device.Zynex_logoUSE 

Thomas Sandgaard, the inventor, has assigned the patent to Zynex's subsidiary, Zynex Monitoring Solutions.

"I am excited to receive additional patent protection for our non-invasive blood volume/blood loss technology,” Sandgaard said.

“Not only are our algorithms well protected but the core principles of detecting body fluid imbalances in hospital settings are now even better protected.

“We believe our non-invasive, easy-to-operate technology will serve a huge unmet need to manage patient blood volume in surgical settings, including internal bleeding in recovery and intensive care units. Our first generation CM-1500 device is cleared by the FDA and already in full production.”

Zynex, founded in 1996, markets and sells its own design of electrotherapy medical devices used for pain management and rehabilitation; and the company's proprietary NeuroMove device designed to help recovery of stroke and spinal cord injury patients.

Zynex also has a blood volume monitor for use in hospitals and surgery centers.