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By Carl Dierschow

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Every person, every group has its superpower. In fact, it’s probably right under your nose and you don’t even recognize it.

Sometimes it’s a stunning differentiator in your product or service. That unique advantage that nobody else can touch.Carl_Dierschow_USE

But that’s actually pretty rare. Most of us are still searching for something that magical, because unfortunately we have to work and make money in the real world. With competitors and costs and all that messy stuff.

Consider instead that your superpower comes from your aspirations and vision. As an example, my own vision is a world and community is acting as a powerful force for good, not just for giving people jobs and making people rich.

For me, jobs and wealth are both laudable, but they’re not the end of the story. Beyond those short term benefits is a belief that business is honorable, purposeful, and beneficial. More precisely, I work with people who hold those beliefs.

Do all my clients fit the profile? No. But it’s an aspiration that I hold, and that I help my clients to nurture. Merely because that’s the world we want to live in.

So how is that a “superpower” for me and my clients? Because it provides a powerful focus and energy, one which has sustained me for over a decade now. And it’s common that my clients felt that force – even if they couldn’t articulate it well – even before they started their business.

It’s a “superpower” because it focuses, energizes, and even differentiates. I become a different coach because of this particular focus, which yields value to my clients as well.

For you, a superpower might come from the way you think, or the particular customers you best serve. Even how you form and manage your team.

Does it show up in the list of features and benefits for your products? Maybe. Often it’s just indirectly linked. But being in business isn’t just about your products, although they’re important. It’s also about the full range of stakeholders in what you do: customers, partners, channels, employees, suppliers, yourself and your family.

Revenue is the fuel which keeps your “engine” running, but it’s not the reason why the engine is running.

The engine should be taking you someplace. Somewhere better, more beneficial than where you are right now. It’s steered by your direction, purpose, and superpower.

So what superpower is driving YOU forward?


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Carl Dierschow

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Carl Dierschow is a professional business coach in Northern Colorado. He’s the U.S. associate for Small Fish Business Coaching, headquartered in Australia. He works with owners of small and medium-size businesses to radically improve their success through strengthening market position, improving customer attraction and loyalty, building more powerful organizations, etc. Carl brings more than 15 years of business coaching expertise to helping businesses solve their critical issues and achieve their goals. His best tools are straightforward yet powerful, transparent, and biased toward action. Visit his website at