X-IO releases Axellio edge computing platform for streaming Big Data analytics, cybersecurity

Tuesday May 2, 2017 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, X-IO Technologies, Axiello, Bill Miller, Big Data


COLORADO SPRINGS -- X-IO Technologies today announced the release of its Axellio edge-computing platform, delivering unprecedented real-time performance of 480 Gbps for complex analytics on high-volume, high-velocity, streaming data.X-IO_logoUSE

X-IO said Axiello’s unique combination of performance, density and cost enables the next generation of capabilities for cybersecurity, financial market data, defense and intelligence, operations and Internet of Things (IoT).

X-IO also announced joint efforts with leading software makers to deliver Axellio with several Big Data analytics and cybersecurity solutions.

Axellio is designed for the emerging edge-computing market, which is defined by high-bandwidth, low-latency and high density, the company said.

Axellio is a high-density, converged server/storage platform that leverages a unique NVMe FabricXpress™ architecture to provide unequaled, sustained throughput and end-to-end, low-latency response necessary to meet the most demanding edge requirements.

X-IO said the Axellio edge-computing platform enables real-time insight and response from complex processing of high volumes of data at high velocities. This level of performance will enable next-generation applications where large amounts of sensor-based data inputs must be processed to provide real-time insight and response, the company said.

Axellio systems include dual Intel dual-CPU server modules and dual-ported NVMe SSDs integrated with FabricXpress NVMe on PCIe fabric. Current versions feature up to 88 cores, 2TB of RAM and 1PB of flash storage in a 2U form factor to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, density and economics.

"Axellio brings to the table a throughput performance of more than 480 Gbps and more than 12 million input/output operations per second, making it an ideal platform for edge computing," said Bill Miller, X-IO CEO.

"With Axellio's power, customers can quickly detect cybersecurity threats, ensure the functioning of financial markets and guarantee stable operations of critical IoT infrastructures despite phenomenal growth. It is the ideal platform for advanced streaming data analytics."

X-IO said it is teaming with industry leading companies that specialize in cybersecurity and data analytics to deploy Axellio's capabilities in full solution stacks.

X-IO said Axellio has been in the design and engineering phase for more than two years. During the last year, X-IO has restructured the company to focus heavily on engineering and product development to evolve beyond storage into edge computing, while raising new capital to accelerate these efforts.

"Data that does not enable insights is meaningless, yet our interconnected world also demands that such insights be delivered at very high speed to avoid them becoming equally worthless," said Mark Peters, practice director and senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.

"It's a combination that is driving storage vendors, such as X-IO, to redefine their offerings by either converging storage and servers and/or via creative partnerships with solution providers, in order to retain contemporary IT relevance and to remain competitive."