Wunder Capital launches Wunder Bridge Fund targeting solar energy project investment

Wednesday November 25, 2015 Tags: Boulder, Wunder Capital, Wunder Bridge Fund, Bryan Birsic, solar investing


BOULDER --  Wunder Capital   announced the launch of its second investment fund, the Wunder Bridge Fund, that targets accredited individual and institutional investors looking for a projected 11 percent rate of return with the backing of Wunder’s industry-leading financing and implementation model.Wunder_logoUSE

The fund encourages investment in the booming solar market, which has grown more than 1,000 percent in the past four years, Wunder said.

Wunder Capital said its new Wunder Bridge Fund expects a projected return of 11 percent annually for two years, with interest paid monthly and principal repayment at maturity.

“With the launch of the Wunder Bridge Fund, investors can now tailor their investments to their individual risk appetite and capital requirements,” said Bryan Birsic, Wunder CEO.

“We’re dedicated to offering a group of products that allow investors to find ways to build their portfolios while building our post-carbon future.”

Wunder said it uses a software-enabled process to find and negotiate deals on new solar projects.

The minimum investment for accredited investors is $1,000 over the two-year investment term.

Loans are secured by the solar projects they finance and the power those projects generate in the future, Wunder said.