Wowza Media Systems partners with Alibaba Cloud to deliver streaming to Chinese markets

Friday September 9, 2016 0 comments Tags: Golden, Wowza Media Systems, Alibaba Cloud, Carlos Perez, Michael Tsang

GOLDEN -- Wowza Media Systems™, a leading software and cloud-based services provider, announced a formal partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA), to enable Wowza Streaming Engine™ software on the Alibaba Cloud platform.Wowza_logoUSE

The partnership gives new and existing customers the ability to rapidly scale their video streaming applications across Chinese markets on the Alibaba Cloud’s platform.

 “One of the more complex challenges for streaming applications is expanding operations and availability into Chinese markets,” said Carlos Perez, Wowza’s chief revenue officer.

“This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for Wowza’s customers to extend their global reach on Alibaba Cloud and for Alibaba Cloud customers who can now harness the power of live streaming to develop new applications.”

“Alibaba Cloud is focused on building a comprehensive and holistic global ecosystem that offers world-class cloud computing services,” said Michael Tsang, Alibaba’s regional manager for North and South America.

“We welcome Wowza and its customers onto the Alibaba Cloud platform as we extend our global reach and continue to deliver outstanding value for our cloud computing infrastructure services.

“By offering Wowza Streaming Engine on Alibaba Cloud, our customers can now harness the power of streaming video and audio, while reducing the complexities in developing and deploying streaming applications.”

Alibaba Cloud services are designed to assist customers focused on accelerating innovation, including startups looking to reduce the cost of cloud-based service delivery and Big Data analytics, as well as established businesses in the gaming, multimedia and mobile Internet industries.

Accordingly, Wowza Streaming Engine software will be available through a bring-your-own license (BYOL) arrangement, for easy deployment on Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS), allowing for concurrent deployments in Chinese and international markets that scale upon demand.

Individual licenses may be purchased directly from Wowza, and soon through the Alibaba Global marketplace.