Westone set to launch new redesigned in-ear monitor

Tuesday April 25, 2017 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, Westone, UM1, Blake Gaiser

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Westone, a leader in high performance audio, in-ear monitoring technology and hearing protection, announced it will launch UM1, a redesigned in-ear monitor, on May 16.westone-logonewest

Westone said the state-of-the-art, universal-fit in-ear monitor uses a specially engineered proprietary single balanced armature driver that has been tuned to give listeners a fresh new sound while effortlessly reproducing today's music regardless of the genre.

The new UM1 features a completely redesigned removable round cable that incorporates Westone's MMCX Audio™ connection to ensure a secure and reliable connection every time, the company said.

Also included with the UM1, said Westone, will be the complete compliment of high-quality foam and silicone ear tips that come with all flagship Westone music products, and give users the ability to find the perfect fit. 

Designed with its ergonomic and comfortable-fit, Westone said the UM1 is made to stay in listeners' ears for hours on end while providing maximum comfort and noise isolation with little to no ear fatigue. 

The form-fitting, over-the-ear wire design makes the UM1 the optimal in-ear monitor choice for premium music listening while enjoying a wide range of activities including performing live music, exercise, or simple relaxation, the company said.

Like the original UM1 and all Westone music products since, the UM1 was designed by master designers and twin brothers Kris and Karl Cartwright who have been anxiously awaiting its release to the public.

"The new UM1 is a professional grade, high-quality in-ear monitor that will satisfy the demanding needs of the musician, as well as those of the music lover at a price everyone can afford," said Blake Gaiser, Westone’s director of product and marketing.

"Available for just $99.99 USD, the UM1 offers the most detailed and precise sound in its class while maintaining the same quality and performance that Westone customers come to expect.

“No other product at this price point compares with the UM1 in terms of the highly engineered balanced armature driver, the removable MMCX Audio™ cable, warm flat frequency response and ergonomic design."