Welltok launches EngageMe health management solution

Tuesday February 6, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Welltok, EngageMe, AnneMarie Gramling

DENVER -- Welltok, a leading consumer health enterprise Software-as-a-Service company, announced the launch of EngageME to address the communications conundrum population health managers across the nation are facing.Welltok_logoUSE

EngageME is the first enterprise-wide solution that identifies, optimizes and resolves communication congestion, Welltok said, and is proven to reduce costs and increase member engagement and satisfaction.

It is essential and, in many cases, mandatory for health plans to communicate with members about everything from explanation of benefits to health screening reminders to formulary changes.

Yet, most population health managers do not have a holistic view of all the communications their members receive from various departments within the organization.

Welltok said EngageME provides total visibility into communication volume and improves campaign orchestration.

For example, EngageME identified 2,500 instances where Medicare members received multiple communications on the same day within a three-month period.

By identifying immediate ways to coordinate outreach and improve efficiencies, the organization could save an estimated $12 million.

"EngageME was designed based on over a decade of experience sending billions of communications on behalf of health organizations," said AnneMarie Gramling, senior VP of Welltok Engagement Services.

"We saw the negative impact that uncoordinated and redundant messaging caused with disengaged members, lower plan satisfaction and suboptimal spending on ineffective outreach -- and we saw a way to reverse it." 

Welltok said EngageME can be integrated into any communications strategy allowing health plans to coordinate every single piece of communication. It reveals communication intensity, cadence and engagement enterprise-wide.

The data-driven solution also allows organizations to:

  • Track outreach across multiple channels, such as automated voice, text, mail, email or live agent, and store consumer preferences to increase future engagement
  • Optimize spend by resolving duplicate identities, ensuring compliance and identifying opportunities to avoid redundancy or combine messages
  • Prioritize communications and stagger delivery to reduce overload, noise and fatigue

"This is one of those win-win scenarios,” said Gramling. “Consumers win by receiving more coordinated and intentional messages, and health plans win by streamlining communications and optimizing spend."