Welltok adds two COVID-19 testing and screening companies to connect partner ecosystem

Wednesday September 16, 2020 0 comments Tags: Denver, Welltok, Winston Ball, Alan Young, Safe Health Systems, Prevenna, COVID-19

DENVER -- Welltok announced it has partnered with Safe Health Systems, Inc. and Prevenna to make it easier for employers to provide on-site and at-home screening and testing options for COVID-19.Welltok_logoUSE 

Now available through Welltok's Connect Partner Ecosystem, these new COVID diagnostic test offerings can be implemented as standalone programs, an augmentation to any benefits program or integrated into an existing wellbeing platform.

All options feature Welltok's multi-channel outreach and engagement technology to drive utilization of the COVID screening and testing offering as well as simplified contracting and reporting.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that companies resuming normal or phased operations should conduct daily health checks of employees. However, only 40 percent of employees report being consistently screened for work.

Employers need the ability to provide convenient screening options and dedicated on-site or at-home testing with professional diagnostics and prescriptions. It is critical for a quick response when an employee becomes symptomatic or has been exposed to COVID to avoid spreading it to others.

"Screening, specimen collection and testing for infectious diseases has traditionally been done in a clinical setting,” said Alan S. Young, chief medical officer at Safe Health Systems. 

“There are specific skill sets and infrastructure that are generally required to perform high quality testing, which make it impractical or impossible for companies to attempt on their own.

“Safe Health Systems has recreated the patient-provider-testing interactions in a way that increases access at multiple levels, and Welltok is helping to get the word out about it.” 

Welltok said it curated two best-in-class screening and testing partners to provide a streamlined way for employers to engage and support their people through this difficult time.

Safe Health Systems and Prevenna are turnkey solutions for non-laboratory COVID-19 based testing, which may include home or employer-based specimen collection with results in 24 – 48 hours.

While many testing sites take days to provide results, both solutions are working to offer test results within 15 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to the workforce.

"We hear that HR departments are incredibly overwhelmed these days,” said Winston Ball, VP of Welltok's Connect Partner Ecosystem.

“We are not only helping streamline the contracting and integration of these offerings, but also conducting the outreach to ensure that people know what to do and how to do it, so they can take action.”

"Welltok is best positioned to conduct effective outreach across multiple channels on behalf of employers to drive awareness and action as needed for these new testing and screening protocols," said Ball.