Webroot forms strategic partnership with Japan’s Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction cybersecurity

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BROOMFIELD -- Webroot, a market leader in intelligent cybersecurity for endpoints and collective threat intelligence, today announced a strategic partnership with Mitsui Bussan Secure Direction (MBSD).Webroot_logoUSE

The partnership offers MBSD managed security services a highly distributed and highly cooperative learning system to deliver smarter cybersecurity solutions to Japan, Webroot said.

“There are no borders in cyber space, and any group or individual criminal can easily reach anywhere in the world and incidents have increased year-by-year in Japan,” said Toshio Kanki, MSBD president and CEO.

“To counter these threats, MBSD is incorporating industry-leading Webroot Threat Intelligence into its solution. With Webroot, we can enhance the value of MBSD protection and offer top level of security service to our customers in and outside Japan.”

“The increasing volume, speed and sophistication of cyber attacks necessitates a move toward more intelligent cybersecurity,” said Dick Williams, Webroot CEO. “Increasingly, businesses with a global reach – such as MSBD – are looking to fill in the gaps left open by traditional web security products relying on outdated approaches and stagnant, inaccurate data.

“In this case, the company was in need of a partner that takes a proactive – rather than a reactive – approach to advanced threats.”


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