Vision Ridge Partners to invest more than $430M through Sustainable Asset Fund to help environment

Tuesday February 9, 2016 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Vision Ridge Partners, Sustainable Asset Fund, Capricorn Investment Group


BOULDER -- Vision Ridge Partners   announced it will invest more than $430 million in sustainable companies through a recently launched Sustainable Asset Fund (SAF) in partnership with Capricorn Investment Group  and a broad base of investors.Vision_Ridge_logoUSE

Vision Ridge said the SAF will invest in sustainable companies and projects in sectors including but not limited to energy efficiency, renewable power generation and systems, agriculture, land, water and transportation. The company said the SAF will underwrite investments to deliver private equity-like financial returns while positively impacting the environment.

“As the world moves to a more sustainable economy that responsibly uses the Earth’s land, water, and energy resources, there are tremendous opportunities to realize increased returns on investment while accelerating the deployment of technologies and business models which enable that transition,” the company said on its website. “SAF, working with a network of investment, energy, and other professionals who understand the changing landscape and know how to evaluate regulatory and policy developments, is well-positioned to capitalize on this global evolution.”

Vision Ridge said the SAF provides an opportunity for investors to align their financial interests with critically important environmental impacts. The fund intends to deliver returns by investing at the cutting edge of sustainable energy, land, and water companies and projects.

“SAF and our partners are dedicated to showing that going green is a profitable endeavor,” Vision Ridge said.