UQM receives Air Comm order for aviation AC systems motors

Friday December 11, 2015 0 comments Tags: Longmont, UQM, Air Comm Corp., Joe Mitchell, Josh Ley


LONGMONT -- UQM Technologies Inc.  (NYSE MKT: UQM) announced Westminster-based Air Comm Corp.  has placed a follow-on order for UQM’s 4.5 horsepower air conditioning compressor electric motor/controller systems to be delivered in 2016 for use in aviation applications.UQM_logoUSE_1

The UQM air conditioning compressor drive system is an integrated motor/inverter/controller contained in one compact package capable of operating at up to 8,000 RPMs.

“UQM has been supplying commercial applications of permanent magnet motor technology to the aerospace market for more than a decade, and this is a key element of our auxiliary product portfolio,” said Joe Mitchell, UQM’s COO and interim president and CEO.

“Auxiliary aircraft systems, such as the air conditioning systems designed and manufactured by Air Comm, represent a tremendous growth opportunity for our company.”

“The UQM permanent magnet system has unique capabilities in the aviation market,” said Josh Ley, UQM VP of technology. “Standard air conditioning compressors need to be physically shut off to allow other high-load operations to run, such as the winch in a rescue helicopter. Our system does not need to be shut off manually but shuts down automatically when the battery is pulled below its minimum voltage and starts again when the battery builds back up above the minimum voltage after the high-load operation is complete.”

Financial details of the order were not disclosed.