Turing School launches new Front-End engineering program for developers

Friday April 1, 2016 0 comments Tags: Turing School of Software and Design, Jeff Casimir, Front-End Engineering


DENVER -- By the year 2020, current trends suggest there will be 1 million unfulfilled programming jobs in the United States.

The tech industry is growing faster than ever before, driven by the rapid expansion of cloud platforms, smartphones and apps. And with this boom comes a huge demand for talented programmers – one that isn’t being met now and will only continue to expand.Turing_School_logoUSE

The Turing School of Software and Design announced it is helping meet this demand for programmers through a new program called Front-End Engineering.

The Turing School is a nationally recognized non-profit programming school, which this week formally launched its new program for some of Denver’s top tech leaders.

“I want Turing to do for coding what MIT did for engineering,” said Jeff Casimir, Turing’s founder and executive director. “Our focus from the beginning has always been about quality over quantity.

“We designed the new Front-End Development program specifically to surpass expectations that the industry has for new software developers – ensuring that our alumni are the most prepared among their competition. They hit the ground running, and are ready for anything.” 

During the Front-End program, Turing said students learn to build applications in the browser for both mobile and desktop platforms using all core languages. Turing has focused on recruiting instructors for the Front-End Engineering program based on their background in education first and exceptional programming experience second. 

Since 2014, Turing School of Software and Design has trained 131 students to become Web application developers. Within 120 days of program completion, Turing said 96 percent of its graduates find full-time employment with a yearly average starting salary of $75,000.

Turing said its Front-End Engineering program is now accepting applications at https://www.turing.io/.