Trust is a two-way street. Why brake when a shared purpose guides you?

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Stakeholder Relevance

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Self-Reflection, Attention to Others, Purpose & Attitude are a key part of shaping trust.

As an advanced designer, continuous learning keeps me open to a variety of influences with regard to truly understanding a problem, need, opportunity & the criteria to shape a compelling system-worthy solution.

That sense of higher inclusion reflects the quality of our investments in others. Put yourself in other's shoes. Having a strategy thrust on you versus one that encourages your conscious input, is the difference between superficial expectations and earned inclusion and regard.Van_Eron_mug 

For the last few decades, we have been in a worsening trust crisis. This deep decline signals high mistrust in leaders in mid-to-large business, government, and even churches. More ask "What do you stand for?" in interviews, as they know that is more important than what you make.

Less than 5% have even decent answers. We help one or many get behind purposes that truly matter. The one I see now may prove to be the most overdue and significant shift in our lifetimes. Are you ready to earn full regard?

You can't lead if you fail to attract and enable a mix of positive disruptors and champions for a greater brand and social relevance. A few suggestions may include:

  1. Open up the dialog to invite diverse views in. Imagine, validate & shape the attention into actions that start to earn trust and brand relevance. It's one thing to just say words and quite another to bring their value to life and continuously higher relevance. That also contributes to why I see creative, value systems synthesizers as crucial additions to the C-Suite, Boards, and within all organizations that care to matter. I serve on two now and Yes, both trust and relevance are "earned outcomes". Cheating values is not an option most survive. Your internal & external stakeholders have total transparency and determine who is worthy, and who is not. Your best option is to humanly comprehend what is really driving change, validate with AI. Use those insights to enable a major shift in all businesses. This is so overdue that the first to do it true, will develop loyalty corporate norms often fail to do.
  2. When you see the system that defines your success, it makes total sense to be bolder with earned trust and relevance guiding you. My goal and rare capability are to help this happen. I am inspired but my consistency to synthesize, act & catalyze others in my last 12 years in HP. That future-now preview of what is possible & highly preferable is what we need today so we all can shape a future we feel inclusive too. You can opt to engage with me or an associate for just your true needs, or you can be part of what I expect will catalyze into the biggest positive shift in our lifetime. When you love your work - as I always have because of constant change shaping conscious innovation designers see sooner. The value in helping others compels my attention daily. Having proven insights into how change can improve the value and basis of people-powered lives, communities, all businesses & government, keeps me vital & relevant to a world in need of such a proven catalyst.
  3. Which rocks do you look under for help when all you see is chaos and new? I recall long ago being invited to help Teledyne Waterpik to design its Christmas holiday campaign. Their agency J. Walter Thompson also did the same without us knowing. My efforts were a fraction of their costs and had at least a 10X greater response rate. But, the board wanted to stay with the large agency for the "perceived prestige", versus "newfound effectiveness". Big is less often better and often refuels management fears that transformation is disruptive to current priorities, slow, very expensive, thus highly risky.
  4. Conversely, having done what all or most need to learn, the approach I apply is rather seamless, very agile, and inspirationally enlightening to your current teams as it adds strengths to values that closed cultures likely discouraged.
  5. Who do you listen to? We all have friends in management and traditional sources. But most of those - as I also learned - are as stuck in conventions as you may be. I applaud authors, thought leaders, and people with intellect where they are finally realizing and helping to validate a part of what I discovered and acted on two decades ago as a conscious design & systems thinking strategist.
  6. Tradeoffs are more crucial now. Wait ten more years to try to achieve great gains, or leverage rare proven success now. Most may feel that is a no-duh decision! But being far ahead of conventional thinking is only great when leaders, board influencers & professionals actually are enabled to challenge caveats versus being stopped by them.

Why now and what are the risks and advantages?

  1. It's not rocket science to shape organization-wide integrity. Yet it can be a psychological challenge where leaders & employees act complacent. Think about what you require as well as others, as unique insights to model by unique and trusted actions.
  2. Current leadership proclaims stakeholder attention as now priority one, with just lip service as easily seen through. But the value in earned stakeholder regard is very real and the Wall Street Journal followed that proclamation with the fact that no one knows how to proceed. Microsoft and a few thought leaders confirmed last year the value one who has done this successfully and across a wide array is both rare and of the most agile impact.
  3. Most of us understand why early adopters tend to lead markets, yet risk aversion has dominated for decades. Doers are leaping above conventional market leaders. The solution path I see is agile, low risk, bold, proven as highly relevant, and is not disruptive to current priorities. We help you to achieve growth, trust & vision with the confidence you will raise the bar all soon try to follow. Late adopters (as in not now) will be seen as disingenuous.
  4. True solutions factor in concerns and values, triggers and actions, and outcomes more can benefit by. It more naturally connects internal strengths to actions that matter. Real experience adds vital objectivity, unique flexibilities, authenticity, and global AHA!
  5. The shift from yesterday's management approaches do not work well in times of high change that most see as chaotic, high risk, and slow. But a foundation that earns the highest internal & external stakeholder regard is clearly in your best interests to adapt to thrive.
Bill Van Eron

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Bill Van Eron -- As much as I dislike getting older, my career commitment to lifelong value progression puts me in the position to enable that new breed of leadership in more of us across age, gender and ethnicity to shape lives and careers that matter. I have no competitors, only others starting out on a path of value that I support & help accelerate. True travelers rise above biases to seek value that helps all to achieve success sooner. My goal is to enable more future-now champions and a mix of organizations whose success will shock others, just as it did often every one of my 25 years in HP, yet as a positive reality more can build on. I also break out of consultant status quo to offer tuned advisory, free initial discussions, and a collaborative positive reality all can feel part of and support. Let us connect to watch you fly. Stay tuned for major integrated environmental innovations I will introduce to Colorado, so all citizens and leaders feel inclusive to a new type of integrated environmental & human inclusion and innovation. I know what to look for and do what’s best sooner. Your mindful support shapes attention to outcomes as a shared system, versus for just a few. I also want to see Colorado step up as the true leader I believe it can be.