TrueSpace and Innosphere team to accelerate growth of Colorado business

Thursday October 31, 2019 Tags: Fort Collins, Innosphere, TrueSpace, Charles Fred, Jamee Fred, Mike Freeman

FORT COLLINS -- TrueSpace and Innosphere announced a unique and strategic partnership to further propel Colorado’s startup and scaleup companies and to stimulate economic growth and job creation.innosphere.logouse 

“As a serial entrepreneur for the past two decades, there were plenty of times I wish I had help and guidance from expert resources along the way,” said TrueSpace co-founder and CEO Charles Fred.

“Innosphere is the go-to resource for startup entrepreneurs, and once they have outgrown the startup phase with Innosphere’s help, TrueSpace can escalate their mid-market business to the next level in a first-class setting.”

Innosphere and Denver-based TrueSpace have a common goal of stimulating high-paying job growth and the local economy.

Since the launch of the partnership, three companies have graduated from Innosphere’s program and transitioned to TrueSpace.

One is SunTech Drive, an innovative Boulder-based solar power electronics company. SunTech Drive grew to about $2 million in revenue while they were in Innosphere’s Scaleup Program, at which point they graduated from Innosphere and became a client of TrueSpace.

Founded by father and daughter Charles and Jamee Fred, TrueSpace is a first-of-its-kind ecosystem intentionally designed to help second-stage businesses that have grown past the startup phase reach at least $10 million in revenue through their Gallup-certified assessment.

The assessment offers companies an instrument to diagnose their business, relative to the ‘Five Conditions of Sustainable Growth.’ In addition, TrueSpace offers members a luxury space to work on their business, expert local partners to help them succeed and a clear path towards their goal.

“This a very unique partnership that enables a more seamless transition for entrepreneurs moving into the middle market,” said Mike Freeman, Innosphere CEO.

“What Innosphere provides for startups and scaleups, TrueSpace provides for mid-market businesses. Working with TrueSpace is a logical extension of Innosphere’s support services, and we can’t wait to see the impact of this synergistic partnership on Colorado’s business landscape.”