Tractica launches artificial intelligence advisory service for subscribers

Tuesday September 20, 2016 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Tractica, Clint Wheelock, Artificial Intelligence Advisory Service

BOULDER -- Tractica  today announced the launch of its new Artificial Intelligence Advisory Service, a subscription-based market research and analysis suite that provides independent and objective market intelligence and strategy insights for companies engaged in the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence (AI) market.Tractica_logoUSE

As part of the service, Tractica’s global industry analyst team will provide strategic and quantitative analysis focused on the market opportunity for AI technologies in enterprise, consumer, and government markets.

“Artificial intelligence technologies are already beginning to have a disruptive effect on established business models across virtually every industry, while simultaneously enabling new business processes that were not previously possible,” said Clint Wheelock, Tractica's managing director.

“Rapid advances in AI technologies like deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing (NLP) are being enabled by more powerful hardware, sophisticated algorithms, and a virtually limitless ocean of data to analyze and interpret.”

As part of its Artificial Intelligence service, Tractica’s industry analysts offer timely and actionable market insights, covering specific technology and industry sectors as well as overall market conditions and trends. Research reports include an in-depth examination of AI business models, use cases, technology issues, and key industry players in addition to detailed market sizing, segmentation, and forecasts.

Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence Advisory Service examines use cases and business models for the application of artificial intelligence technologies in enterprise, consumer, and government markets.

The service includes access to more than eight of the firm’s research reports per year, in addition to unlimited analyst inquiry access, quarterly conference calls, and a full-day onsite strategic advisory session.

Executive summaries and further information about the Advisory Service are available for free download on Tractica’s website.