Tractica offers 10 predictions on growth of evolving AI market in 2019

Thursday January 3, 2019 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Tractica, artificial intelligence

BOULDER -- Tractica announced it has identified 10 key predictions that cover various aspects of the ever-evolving AI market, based on the firm’s ongoing research and analysis including extensive primary research and interviews.Tractica_logoUSE

The AI market is possibly one of the toughest to keep track of, as the pace of change is relentless. Making predictions is even harder for this market, as one tends to follow what is known as Amara’s Law, overestimating the potential of a technology in the short term and underestimating it in the longer term, Tractica said.

But according to Tractica’s white paper, key trends to watch in the AI market in 2019 will include the commercialization of promising technologies, the growth of new application markets, changes in hardware architectures and infrastructure to support AI deployments, and continuing evolution of business models and public policy issues.

The 10 key predictions from Tractica’s white paper, which is available for free download on the firm’s website, are:

  1. Reinforcement learning will see greater adoption in the enterprise
  2. Meta learning will see baby steps in the enterprise domain
  3. On-premise data center spending for AI will increase
  4. GPUs will see real competition emerge in AI hardware
  5. AI-enabled pharmaceuticals will see multiple candidates reaching early trial phase
  6. Autonomous retail will replace autonomous vehicles in the new hype cycle
  7. The first major AI-based cyberattack will occur
  8. Google Duplex will be available on your smartphone
  9. “AI-first” business model will give way to “privacy-first AI”
  10. AI hyper nationalism will threaten global cooperation

Tractica’s white paper, “Artificial Intelligence: 10 Predictions for 2019”, identifies 10 key predictions for the AI market in 2019 and provides supporting details and examples behind each prediction. These trends draw from ongoing research and analysis that form part of Tractica’s Artificial Intelligence advisory service.

The white paper is published in partnership with The AI Summit global series, which will include seven events around the world in 2019: London, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco, Cape Town, and New York.

A full copy of the white paper is available for free download on Tractica’s website.