TrackVia unveils new design for low-code platform to improve apps

Tuesday June 23, 2020 0 comments Tags: Denver, TrackVia, Walker Fenton

DENVER -- TrackVia today unveiled the first of a multi-phase initiative to modernize and enhance its app-building platform for growing enterprises that want to empower department managers, business analysts and IT professionals to automate and streamline key tasks, processes and reporting.trackvia-logo 

“TrackVia just lapped the low-code field in terms of intuitiveness, elegance, and speed, and the credit goes to our customers who worked side-by-side with us on the new design,” said Walker Fenton, senior VP of product at TrackVia.

Key elements of the new design include:

  • New UX/UI design makes the user experience more intuitive and similar to that of using a contemporary consumer application.
  • Clearer separation and visualization of data so users can read, access, and update their work information faster and easier across any device -- web, mobile, and tablet.
  • More intuitive navigation elements throughout TrackVia so users can access data, enter data, and complete their tasks even faster and easier.

With this latest release, TrackVia also rolled out a new version of its native mobile app for iOS and Android that’s optimized for tablet devices.

The new release leverages the new design to make it easier for admins and end-users to access, view, and edit their work data from grids, charts, and dashboards on the larger tablet screens.

TrackVia’s low-code platform is purpose-built to help companies rapidly digitize work processes by empowering more citizen developer employees to configure and self-manage their own web and mobile applications.

Unlike low-end systems that lack modern automation or mobile capabilities or complex developer platforms that require deep coding knowledge, TrackVia provides powerful app-building capabilities with a drag-and-drop user interface.

This unique combination not only empowers a wider range of employees -- from non-technical to tech-savvy -- but it also broadens the range of possible use cases ranging from tracking simple department tasks to coordinating large-scale operational processes.

Both the new user interface and tablet-optimized mobile app are available to all current and new customers now.

TrackVia said it plans to roll out additional design enhancements throughout the year.