The Local Crowd chooses Community Funded to help raise money for rural eco-devo organizations

Thursday November 12, 2015 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, community funded, McCabe Callahan, The Local Crowd, Diane Wolverton, Kim Vincent


LARAMIE, Wyo. -- The Local Crowd,  a Laramie-based organization providing education and technology to help rural businesses and nonprofits raise funds locally via online crowdfunding, has chosen Fort Collins-based Community Funded’s crowdfunding solution to help economic development organizations nationwide.Local_Crowd_logoUSE

“Rural communities must cultivate vibrant entrepreneurial cultures to remain economically healthy,” said Diane Wolverton, The Local Crowd’s co-founder and CEO.

“Access to early-stage capital is essential to supporting entrepreneurship in these areas, and that’s what we do by galvanizing local investor support.”

“We examined several crowdfunding platforms,” said Kim Vincent, The Local Crowd’s COO and co-founder. “Community Funded’s platform is the only one with the features we need to support local campaigns and extensive educational resources our clients need.”

The Local Crowd, supported by the USDA, successfully tested its solutions in two communities in 2014. With additional USDA support, The Local Crowd is recruiting up to 30 rural economic development organizations nationally to implement local crowdfunding.

“Community Funded is proud to partner with The Local Crowd,” said McCabe Callahan, Community Funded’s co-founder and CEO. “Their track record of results means that together we can positively impact communities nationwide, and that’s our mission as a company.”