The Brain Crawl at Fort Collins Startup Week aims to reduce stigma about mental health and brain conditions

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By Ariana Friedlander

Principal and Founder

Rosabella Consulting

I'm holding back tears as I walk to my car yet again.

I'm exhausted from having to put on the front and act like everything is great because it's not. But I can't seem to say how I really feel. I can't tell them that I'm depressed. That it took all my energy to be there that day. I can't be truthful because I'm scared, because it's not socially acceptable, because I don't think anyone really wants to know.friedlander-blog-photo.fixed-1  

Being an entrepreneur is incredibly lonely. There's always ebbs and flows with work. The busy and slow times are equally exhausting but for different reasons. And the expectation that you fake it till you make it is straight-up demoralizing.

People rarely talk about these challenging moments in the world of entrepreneurship. I recall during one EntrepreNerds business book discussion group when a member observed, "Everyone walks around the incubator saying how great everything is going. Meanwhile, we're all secretly stressed about making payroll but no one will admit it!"

Suffering in silence only makes the pain more intense, and yet that's what we commonly do. It's absurd because entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to suffer from mental illness. Even though every other entrepreneur you meet is dealing with these struggles, we totally feel so isolated and alone in our own turmoil.

That's why I am excited that the Brain Crawl has been added to the lineup at Fort Collins Startup Week this year on Friday, February 28 from 9 AM to Noon at the Innosphere.

The Brain Crawl is designed to bring business leaders together to focus on the topic of mental health. We are motivated to end the stigma around mental health and brain conditions and to promote the benefits of neurodiversity in the business community.

The Brain Crawl will feature short, on-the-hour presentations from selected business executives who will briefly share a bit of their personal experience and background, while illustrating the need for improved communication around mental health.

Audience members will hear different perspectives and challenges that these individuals have worked through; the goal is to offer a sense of community, connection, and inclusivity that will foster a new comfort level when it comes to addressing one’s needs to live a healthy life, both personally and professionally.

Additionally, table sponsors will be on-site, offering resources, information, and promotions that are all mapping to some aspect of mental health improvement.

Guests will be able to speak directly to different types of service providers and business owners who are offering ways to assist in the journey of mental health improvement in our community.

Ariana Friedlander

About the Author: Ariana Friedlander

Ariana Friedlander is the founder and principal of Rosabella Consulting, LLC, and has more than nine years of experience working with small businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to create strategies for successful organizational growth.