Tendril releases major enhancements to data analytics software

Monday November 20, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Tendril, Adrian Tuck, Tendril Platform 4, Jeff Hamel, Kevin Prouty, Mark Willingham, Nest, EFI

BOULDER --Tendril announced major enhancements to its data analytics software solution with the release of Tendril Platform 4.

One of the industry’s leading energy efficiency and customer engagement platforms, the new technology upgrades and latest strategic partnerships with Nest and EFI make Tendril Platform 4 the most complete, demand side management (DSM) analytics software on the market, the company said.tendril-logo

“Utilities have worked diligently over the last several years to build trust with their customers,” said Adrian Tuck, Tendril CEO.

“While these efforts to engage and educate have been vital, now we must build on this foundation to diversify revenue streams and offer advanced home control technologies.

“While point solutions helped address the engagement piece, they don’t take us to this next level. For that, we need to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience leveraging data to deliver personalized insights that drive meaningful actions.

“Only with DSM analytics software like Tendril Platform 4 can we make this important shift.”

Tendril Platform 4 builds on previous investments the company made around analytics, advanced targeting and segmentation, support for ecosystem partners and device interconnection.

The new enhancements and partnerships further enable utilities to convert consumers to digital channels, create value with AMI data, model distributed energy resources (DERs), improve marketplace transactions and design non-wires alternatives (NWAs), Tendril said.

"We've been impressed with the ability of Orchestrated Energy to increase energy efficiency and reduce peak demand from HVAC usage," said Jeff Hamel, Nest’s head of Energy Partnerships.

"With our recent integration with the Tendril Platform, we look forward to partnering with Tendril on demand response and other programs that further our vision for the connected home."

"Utility marketplaces have become a critical path to engage consumers with offers for products and services that contribute to their energy management goals," said Mark Willingham, EFI senior VP.

"As the pioneer and market leader in this space, we are committed to continually innovating our solutions to meet the evolving needs of both utilities and consumers.

“That approach led to our partnership with Tendril, whose rich data analytics will help us better tailor and personalize our Marketplace experience."

"While the commercial and industrial DSM customer engagement space is relatively crowded, only a few companies, like Tendril, have been able to deliver successful DSM capability on the residential side of the business,” said Kevin Prouty, IDC’s VP of Energy Insights.

“IDC Insights recognizes that a complete DSM system that includes key features like smart device interconnection, marketplace support, analytics, AMI integration and automated reporting is the system that utilities are typically looking for in residential customer engagement."